About Hart Main Street

Founded In 2010 Under the Structure of the Michigan Main Street Center and Main Street America.

Nationally Recognized Revitalization Program

Hart Commons in Downtown HartThe Hart Main Street Program offers valuable resources and support to downtown Hart. Since its beginning, significant investments and improvements have been made in downtown both publicly and privately, bringing a new sense of pride to the community, and creating an improved appearance and positive economic outcomes.

Now a Master Level program, Hart Main Street has worked through the tenants of the Four Point approach, driven by a board of directors, an army of volunteers, and a full time manager.  

The efforts made in business development, design, promotion and organization continue to follow trend to steer the vision of the program. Comprehensive strategies are developed to encourage economic development though historic preservation in ways that are appropriate for today’s marketplace, for the goal of a vibrant downtown Hart. 

Hart Main Street Committees

Business Development Committee (also known as Economic Vitality Committee)

The goal of the Business Development Committee is to strengthen and broaden the economic base of Downtown Hart through collecting, interpreting, and using market data, strengthening and retaining current businesses, stimulating the adaptive reuse of existing space, and recruiting new businesses into the district.

The Business Development Team meets at the Hart Main Street office on the third Monday of the month at 11:30 am.

Business Development Team Members:
Anne Hardy (Chair)
Gayle Forner
Chris Griffin
Steve Bruch

Design Committee

The goal of the Design Committee is to beautify and improve Downtown Hart’s physical appearance through public improvements and development of gathering spaces, help local businesses with design grant application opportunities, design services, information, and much more.

The Design Team meets at the Hart Main Street office on the third Monday of the month at 11:30 am.

Design Team Members:
Allan Martin (Chair)
Eva Kostal
Stan Rickard
Brad Youngstrom
Chris VanAntwerp
Joan LundBorg
Stacie Hegg
Dave Spitler

Promotion Committee

The goal of the Promotion Committee is to promote Downtown Hart, establish a unique identity for Downtown, and encourage an exciting variety of activities for all members of the community through the development of community events. Main Street events are listed below:
Hart Sparks
Downtown Hart Farmers’ Market
Music on the Commons
Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta
Labor Day 5K
Small Business Saturday

The Promotion Team meets at the Hart Main Street office on the second Thursday of the month at 12:00 pm.

Promotion Team Members:
Scott Beal
Tracey Lipps
Stacie Hegg
Sherry Zylstra
Brad Youngstrom
Brandy Bruch

Public Relation/Organization Committee (PR/ORG)

The goal of the Organization Team is to establish a strong, effective Main Street organization that recruits and retains volunteers, develops sound fundraising, fiscal and management policies and programs, and builds the image of the organization.

The PR/ORG Team meets at the Hart Main Street office on the second Thursday of the month at 12 pm.

Organization Team Members:
Erica Fenton (Chair)
Diane LaPorte
Patrice Martin
Rob Splane
Jim Ege
Marianna Frick
Stewart Foster

Interested in joining one of our teams? Please contact our Executive Director by email or call us at 231-301-8449.

Our Mission

The mission of the Hart Main Street Program is to work with both the public and private sectors to restore the vitality once common in the downtown district by enhancing our community identity and heritage, fostering a center of activity, and ensuring economic stability through concentrated efforts in organization, promotion, design and business development.

Hart Main Street Vision

Hart Main Street partners with the community to fulfill its mission of creating an attractive downtown gathering place.  We invite our community and visitors to experience the arts, music, restaurants, multi-cultural goods, and other services in the beautiful heart of Hart.

Hart Main Street Board of Directors

Anne Hardy (Chair)
Stan Rickard (Treasurer)
Eva Kostal
Allan Martin
Brad Youngstrom
Tracey Lipps
Marianna Frick
Bill Hegg
Erica Fenton
Scott Beal
Steve Bruch

Executive Director

Julie Kreilick

AmeriCorps Vista

Rachel Kindinger

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